How to Remove Unwanted Papers Inside the Brother Printers?

JAM INSIDE error occurs when the papers are stuck inside the printer machine. As an indication, the Error LED light flashes on the control panel.

Brother Printer LED Light Blinking

By following these steps, you can resolve this problem:

  • Cool down the machine by opening the front cover for 10 minutes.
Open Printer Front Door
  • Make sure you don’t touch the shaded parts to avoid any downfall in the print quality.
  • Then, slowly take out the drum unit & toner cartridge assembly. Doing so, the jammed paper would automatically come out with the drum unit & toner cartridge assembly. If it does not, you can slightly pull it out of the tray when it releases the paper.
Eject Drum Unit and Cartridge Assembly

Note: When you take out the drum unit & toner cartridge assembly, make sure to place it on cloth or a piece of paper in case you accidentally scatter or spill toner. Also, don’t touch the electrodes to avoid damage to the printer machine affected by static electricity. Make sure you carefully handle the toner cartridge. In case the toner spills on your clothes or hands, wash or wipe it off with cold water. Also, don’t touch the shaded parts to avoid print quality issues.

  • Now, put back the drum unit & toner cartridge assembly into the printer.
  • Make sure the toner cartridge and the drum unit are properly installed on the machine. Otherwise, it may cause a Brother Printer paper jam error.
Install Drum Unit and Toner Cartridge
  • Once done, close your machine’s front cover.

These steps resolve the paper jam issue. To verify, you can check the LED indicator. This time the Ready LED should be flashing instead of the Error LED light. If your printer does not start print operation automatically, you can click on the Go button.


When you insert a new paper, first you should remove all the papers from the paper tray and set the stack of paper by straightening it. This prevents the multiple paper sheets from feeding through your machine at a time. It also prevents paper jam errors.

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