How to Fix Paper Jam Rear Side of the Brother Printers?

As the JAM REAR error message is displayed, the Error indicator starts flashing on the control panel. When it happens, make sure you let the machine cool down after use.

Brother Printer Error Light Blinking

If you are still facing a paper jam issue, you can do the following to clear stuck paper from the fuser:

  • Open the back cover of your printer.
Open Back Cover
  • Pull down the tabs you see on the left and right which you need to pull down.
Pull Down Left Right Side Tabs
  • Now gently pull out the stuck paper of the fuser unit using both hands.
Remove Jammed Paper
  • After that, close both the fuser and the back cover.
Close the Back Cover

To verify if the error has gone, you can check the LED on the control panel; the Ready LED should be flashing while the Error LED light stops flashing. Also, you can click on the Go button if your printer does not start print operation automatically.

Advice: When adding new paper, make sure to remove all the papers from the paper tray. Also, align the stack of paper before inserting them. This prevents the multiple paper sheets from feeding through your machine at a time. It also prevents paper jam errors.

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