How to Change the Printer Driver Settings on Windows & macOS?

Every printer user sets preferences for the print jobs based on the requirements. Mentioning the paper size, presets, pages, orientation, and the number of copies are all determined before printing documents. If required, these printing preferences can also be updated in the future. If you want to change the printer driver settings on Windows or Mac, this detailed guide will enlighten you.

Change the Brother Printer Driver Settings on Windows

To update the printer driver settings, you can use the Printer Properties and the Printing Preferences dialog boxes. You will find the Printer Properties wherein the hardware-related customizations are available. The Printing Preferences option is also available in the same place. You can follow these steps based on the Windows version you are using:

Access the Printer Properties

  • For Windows 10 & Windows 8
    • Launch the Control Panel on your Windows computer.
    • Click on the Hardware and Sound option.
    • Select the Devices and Printers option.
    • Choose the Printer Properties option with a right-click on the Brother printer icon.
Brother Printer Properties-Driver Settings
  • For Windows 7
    • Click on the Start button.
    • Open Control Panel.
    • Select the Hardware and Sound.
    • Click the Devices and Printers.
    • Click right on the Brother printer icon.
    • Select the Printer Properties option.

Note: In case you find the Change Properties option at the bottom of this dialog box, select the Change Properties option before you change the settings.

Open the Printing Preferences

  • In the Printer Properties section.
  • Switch to the General tab.
  • Click the Preferences button.
  • Click the OK button.
Brother Printing Preferences Windows

Change the Brother Printer Driver Settings on Mac

To change the Brother printer drivers settings, you can open the Print dialog box. Then, you can select the printing options. Following are the steps that you can follow on macOS 10.7 or later:

Access the Print Dialog Box

  • Open any application from which you can send prints such as Apple TextEdit.
  • Then, click the File menu.
  • Select the Print option.
  • Select the Show Details. This will expand the Print dialog sheet.
Print Dialog Box on Mac

Select the Printing Options

  • Click the Printer pop-up option.
  • Then, choose the printer you prefer to use.
  • Use the Print Settings menu to change the settings.
  • Once done, click the Save As or Save Current Settings as Preset option from the Preset menu.
Brother Printing Options on Mac

You will also have the option of whether you want to have the preset for the current printer or for all printers. If required, you can also enable all the options for future print jobs.

In a Nutshell

If you want to update the settings for the printer driver, this can be possible on both Windows and Mac computers. For Windows, you need to open the Printer Properties and change settings from the Printing Preferences. For Mac, you need to open the Print dialog box to change the Printing Options.

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