How to Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam or Printer Keeps Jamming Error?

Brother printers work efficiently. However, the machine may abort the print operation due to paper jam issues. There can be many reasons that your Brother Printer keeps jamming. For instance, an overloaded tray, incorrect paper installation, and dirty pick-up paper rollers could be responsible for the Brother Printer paper jam problem.

Furthermore, you will see the Error LED light flashing on the control panel (as an indication) when the paper is stuck in Brother Printer. If you are seeking some help to fix Brother Printer jam paper errors, the guide has a focal point on providing easy steps. Moreover, you can connect with a technician via live chat to get the most appropriate solution to fix the paper jam problem.

Brother printer error LED blinking

Few Simple Steps to Fix Brother Printer Paper Keeps Jamming Issue

You are probably sending so many print commands in a row if you encounter errors like Brother Printer paper jam but no paper jammed. However, some hardware or software issues can also lead to such issues.

To resolve the Brother Printer paper jam error, you must clear stuck or jammed paper from different locations on your machine. For instance, you can clear stuck paper from the drum unit & toner cartridge assembly, paper tray, fuser, duplex tray, and toner cartridge.

Before proceeding, you will have to make sure that you let the printer machine cool down after its use. Then, clear the stuck paper from the possible places on your machine. Find out the detailed ways to get rid of Brother Printer paper stuck errors.

Cool Down the Temperature of Your Printer Machine

  • Access the front cover of your printer machine and leave it to cool down for at least 10 minutes.
Open Front Cover
  • Some internal parts of the printer machine may become heated after you use it. Thus, it is necessary to let the machine temperature settle down so you don’t encounter Brother Printer paper jam errors.
  • To avoid any downfall in the print quality, make sure you don’t touch the shaded parts.

Clear Stuck Paper from Drum Unit & Toner Cartridge Assembly

  • Now, slowly take out the drum unit & toner cartridge assembly. If any paper is jammed, it would automatically come out with the drum unit & toner cartridge assembly. Or, it may release the paper so you can slightly pull it out of the tray.
    • Make sure to place the drum unit & toner cartridge assembly on cloth or a piece of paper in case you accidentally scatter or spill toner.
    • Also, don’t touch the electrodes to avoid damage to the printer machine affected by static electricity.
  • Then, close the front cover.
Remove drum unit and toner cartridges

Note: Make sure you don’t place the drum unit & toner cartridge assembly back to its point.

Clear Brother Printer Paper Jam from the Paper Tray

  • Now, pull out the paper tray from the machine.
  • At this point, you need to pull out the jammed paper using both hands.
Removing jammed paper with both hands

Remove Jammed Paper from the Fuser Unit of Brother Printer

  • Then, access the back cover of your printer.
Open printer back cover
  • You will see the tabs on the left and right which you need to pull down. This will open the printer fuser cover.

  • Here, you need to pull out the jammed paper gently out of the fuser unit. Make sure you use both hands while taking out the papers.
Removing jammed paper with both hands
  • After that, close both the fuser and the back cover.

Clear Stuck Paper from Duplex Tray of Brother Printer

  • Take the duplex tray out of your machine.
Take out the duplex tray
  • Also, make sure no jammed papers remain under the device from static electricity.
Remove paper from brother printer duplex tray
  • Once done, place the duplex tray back on the machine.
  • Then, firmly put the paper tray back in the printer.

Open Toner Cartridge to Fix Brother Printer Keeps Jamming

  • Here, you need to push down the lever in green color and pull out the toner cartridge of the drum unit. Check for any jammed paper inside and clear them if found.
    • Make sure you carefully handle the toner cartridge. In case the toner spills on your clothes or hands, wash or wipe it off with cold water.
    • Also, don’t touch the shaded parts to avoid print quality issues.
  • Place the toner cartridge back on the drum. As you put it back to place, it will make a lock sound. Also, the green lock lever will automatically lift up.
put toner cartridge back in drum unit
  • Access the front cover.
  • Place back the drum unit & toner cartridge assembly into the printer.
Place drum unit and cartridge assembly
  • Also, confirm that the toner cartridge and the drum unit are installed on the machine. If both of these are not installed or installed improperly then it may cause a Brother Printer jam error.
  • Once done, close your machine’s front cover.

At this point, you need to ensure that the Error LED light is not flashing now. Instead Ready LED lights should be on. If your printer does not start print operation automatically, you can click on the Go button.

The Bottom Line

If your Brother printer keeps jamming, you should make sure the machine is not heated. Besides that, check if there is any paper stuck inside the paper tray, fuser, or duplex tray. If found, remove the jammed paper so you can print efficiently with your Brother printer.

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